Thursday, April 26, 2007

TVB Blog: Raymond Lam - "I Was Jilted!"

"Lately, I've been filming "The Drive of Life", and my character's name is Wah Zhen Bon, Damien Lau and Gigi Wong are my parents. After "Yummy Yummy" and "Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion", Charmaine Sheh and I are portraying as couples again; it wasn't a challenge to act with her. Earlier, I was filming a wedding scene with her, due to last generation's problems, Charmaine jilted our marriage. In the end I was very upset, and my family members were embarrassed.

In reality, if the bride doesn't want to marry me, it's not as big of a problem, but if I suddenly got married, then that's a serious thing. Because if I want to marry now, it's under a condition without preparation, ha ha ha!

Filming this series is very fun, there's a lot of actors like Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma, Myolie Wu, Michael Miu, etc; we are great friends off-screen to. Later, we'll be going to Beijing to film about one more month. I'm looking forward to this series, and I wonder what would the audience think of this?"

Kids came to see us during filming time.

Credits:The Beehive