Monday, April 30, 2007

Halina Tam to Get Married in September
translated by dee-lush

Halina Tam to Get Married in September

Earlier, there were rumours that Halina Tam would be marrying Eric Tsoi (蔡強榮), who was Isabel Leung (梁佩瑚) former boyfriend and Anne Heung's ex-rumoured boyfriend, in September. But the former Miss Hong Kong continually denied such accusations.

Yesterday, under the invitation of Chef Chow, Halina was the guest on 'Starry Kitchen'. When asked if she was taking this chance to learn to cook some dishes to be a good wife, Halina denied getting married but expressed that September would definitely be a good date. This caused her to later be pestered by reporters, who made her finally admit to getting married. Halina revealed, "My parents told me not to publicise big issues, it is better to maintain a low profile. (Will you be planning to have children?) No, I want to spend my time with my husband by ourselves."

Although she getting married in September, Halina is currently on a break but will begin filming in June. After 2 months of filming, she will then get ready for the wedding. Halina commented, "I have to work or else I will feel out of fashion."

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