Thursday, May 03, 2007

Raymond Lam was "bitten" by Charmaine Sheh

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New Year passed and Lam Fung has been busy with filming. Not long ago, he took part in a HOG promotion with his injured foot. Lam Fung made a joke that pursueing Ah Sheh was really difficult. On one side, she had Benny Chan. On the other side, she had Ron Ng. Also, there was Joe Ma. Therefore, tobe the chosen one of Ah Sheh is not easy at all. He also claimed that the injury he had was actually a "snake - bitten" one. (Sheh is pronouced similar to snake in Chinese).

Infact, what Lam Fung said is not totally wrong. Before, when he was filming "The drive of life", there is a scene that he had to chase Ah Sheh. As a result, he got collapsed. Meanwhile, in Heart of Greed, Lam Fung portrayed a player who had relationship with both Linda Chung and Yoyo Mung.

As everybody all know, Lam Fung was born with a golden key. Since he joined TVB, he has been heavily promoted, have to say that his carreer is reach to satisfaction. He has what he wants. Wonder if he knew his happiness, audience have considered him as a spoiled brat. His rumors are even more interesting than the TVB's plots.

Facing with his unremovable bad image, Lam Fung express that now he dare to stay at home rather than go out for reporters. Consequently, in order to wait for his new filming to start in July, Lam Fung will stay with his family as well as have a trip to FuJian – his other homeland. He shall live a normal life there, not a life of an actor.


Poor Ar Fung....

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