Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mike He to Replace Jerry Yan in F4?

translations by xbunnylicious

Mike He will replace Jerry Yan as a new member of F4 and will participate in idol drama "果實的眼淚"? TVBS said, "Is that possible? Mike is in some way the "first brother" (leading figure) of our company." Chai Zhi Ping laughed regarding the F4 rumor, "Even if I were to replacement a member, I would choose Kingone Wang to replace him!"

After Jerry decided not to partipate in "果實的眼淚", rumors reported that Chai Zhi Ping planned on having Mike fill the position and turn Zai Zai in to the leader of F4. Mike's management company TVBS said after the rumors were revealed, "Mike is our company's most important leader. There were plans for him to develop in Japan and Korea. After filming Exchange Love, many requests for movies, dramas, and advertisements came in. Many of them came from overseas, so we had to politely decline Ms. Chai's offer."

After talking with his company, Mike obtained a one-month vacation. He will be leaving for Japan in May to experience the lifestyle there. He said, "After learning Japanese for so long, I want to go try the language out. I want to be able to ride the taxi by myself and stroll through the supermarkets."

During the promotions of Exchange Love, Mike was lined up with Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang. Because Mike is regarded as the leading figure, rumors had it that TVBS felt that it overshadowed the fact that Mike is the male lead.

Chai Zhi Ping said puzzled, "Is this the new rumor? I don't believe that Mike would complain about that. His adaptability is always very good." She admitted that she did try to have Mike fill the position for drama "果實的眼淚", but his schedule did not cooperate during that time. Regarding the Exchange Love promotion problem, Pan Wei Ling, the company spokesperson expressed, "Exchange Love is originally advertised as the new drama with the original cast from Devil Beside You. The leads are two male and one female!"