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Hacken Lee talks about being a good husband

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Thursday, April 26, 2007
Hacken Lee talks about being a good husband

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Television Weekly Issue 923
Date: 7/16 – 7/22
Year: 1995

Hacken Lee talks about being a good husband

A little excerpt:
He feels that a true man must be felt from the bones. In his heart,
there’s no one clear definition to define a good husband. The relationship between a man and a woman is a strange one, there’s no one formula to calculate the end result.

After his trip back from America, the skinny Hacken Lee has turned into a moutstachy man. Although there were both good and bad comments towards his new image, he still told me happily “Though I did not purposely grew my hair and my beard, I just thought it was convenient, I now feel that this is the real Hacken Lee. I’m actually someone who doesn’t trim; sometimes I wonder: If I wasn’t a celebrity; I would dress like this every day. I’m not like Tony Leung. I believe that if Tony Leung is unable to become a celebrity, he will still spend money and dress safely.

Hacken, who has a manly appearance today, feels that a moustache is not the key indicator of a true man; he believes that if a man has nothing to hide, and does not hurt people unknowingly, he can be called a true man.

“A true man must be felt from the bones, of course not acting sissy is also the most basic factor!” he said seriously.

Having entered the entertainment circle till now, he has almost been to all over the world, and has also received western education when he was young. However, all of this has not altered this belief:
“The man controls the outside, the woman controls the inside” – a traditional Chinese belief. (something like the man takes care of the bigger things while the woman takes care of smaller things like the household – hianez)

“In my heart, there’s no one clear definition to define a good husband. Just like some men who like to beat their wives, and some wives who feel that they can take it. Such husbands won’t be considered bad; but I feel that once a man meets a woman that he feels is worth treasured, he will protect her no matter what, and give her all forms of care and concern, and a sense of security is most necessary…… I am considered a traditional man, if I get married in the future, I might not want my wife to be working.”

“Haha! I did not know that you were such a chauvinist!” the reporter said.

“Then you have misunderstood, because this act is not considered as chauvinistic! Actually, the relationship between a man and a woman is a strange one, there’s no one formula to calculate the end result. Just like some women who like to control others, and some who likes to be controlled. No matter what, you cannot confirm if she’s a “small woman” or a “big woman”. The problem lies with whether her other half can accept her attitude.”

Throughout the whole interview, Hacken kept stressing that there’s no right or wrong in any form of relationship. In his eyes, each person is like a different medicinal solution. Mixing one solution into another will cause different chemical reactions. Only the person who drank the solution will know exactly what has happened.

“So, the golden couple in people’s eyes separating one day is not a huge commotion. Also, 2 people who come from different parts of the world getting married shouldn’t be termed strange by others.” Hacken says honestly that he is still not 100% confident to take the role of someone’s “good husband” in real life. (hint: “good husband” refers to what hacken has said, the one who cares for the woman, gives her a sense of security……etc). However, towards his role of a father in the future, he has visions already.

“I won’t want to have a huge gap between myself and my children. If possible, avoid the age gap! That’s why I prefer to act as friends with
children. Occasional conversations are a must.”

Hacken also expressed that work, family and love has no order for him, because such issues are not related to each other at all. Being a matured man, when working he will focus on work but when he goes back home at night, he will put away all work related issues and accompany his family and children wholeheartedly. Even if important work issues crop up, he will try his best to avoid raising it up at home to prevent his family’s emotions from being affected. If the Hacken Lee who is married can accomplish all this, I’m afraid he can be termed “The greatest man”!


(wow, after having thinking all these years WHY hacken grew his hair long and also a beard, the reason was so simple: because it was convenient. I like a lot of hacken’s own opinion in this article, especially his views on relationships. The one about medicinal solution is interesting too, and also quite true. These were his views like 10 years ago…and seems like he’s really going to become “The greatest man”!!!!!!!! hehe, I wonder if this is why Emily is not working at all? I don’t think she has been working all these years lol…except as hacken’s fashion consultant. Such a loving husband. I’m into tears already!! No wonder Vivian wants to marry him, oops, I mean marry someone like hacken! This gives me idea to start a new thread at the forum: your most desired husband =P
I love hacken more after the article! And I’m loving him more =) – hianez)

(of course, hacken is the perfect husband (and daddy, later on!)!!! smile.gif emily did work as a golf teacher for a while, i think... but even without work, hacken has said before, she's very busy helping him with clothes and other matters! wow, hacken is still such a traditional guy, in terms of the way he thinks of marriage....but he's also pretty open-minded....funny combination. -kate)