Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Asia Aunt Mainland stadium campaign launched in Shandong

Pacific region (Central) and Liang Shuang (left), the Jinan-Aunt publicity campaign (this perturbation)

Dingchunli Jinan on the 29th -- which was the 50th anniversary of ATV's days, 2007 Miss Asia campaign Mainland stadium finals and finals of East China stadium inauguration ceremony for the center's Shandong Cable Sowing room, Miss Asia this year all the bonus prizes worth as much as 5 million Hong Kong dollars.

Miss Asia 1929 has been campaigning history, this year is the 19th session. Mainland stadium will be in eastern and southern China, Central China, North China, Jiangsu established extent, 18 and 26-year-old woman can apply. "With a sky, the same beautiful," Miss Asia this year as campaign slogans.

ATV vice president, Mr Jiabao bring Moderator Liutixian, 05 Asian Champion Mr. Zhao Yong, 06 top Asian Miss Mirror Miss Pacific region attended the ceremony. Mr Jiabao said that Shandong is a rich source of beauty, Jinan more Quancheng reputation is remarkable. Last year, Shandong Cable Center successfully hosted the Miss Asia East China stadium, the competition this year, China's Jinan settled in the finals. by the end of August, the Mainland Pageant contestants will gather in Shandong, contests.

According to Mr Jiabao said, the election-Aunt finals Pageant winners can share worth more than five million Hong Kong dollars bonus prizes, Three finals will be signing ATV artistes, participating this year Toubo the ATV television altogether. Pageant winners of this year will have the opportunity in China, South Korea, Japan, the United States performing schools short course. Another ATV was formally established in Asia this year, Miss Ensemble, the previous Miss Asia Pageant to go to the finals will be invited to participate in, of the world to do together tours and charitable activities.

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