Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nagazawa thing blew blockage

Nagazawa America is now popular high She recently combination "TOKIO" presided over the program "Mentore G" as guests, Explosion in its own true nature. Long Zemin at the age of 12 to participate in the Dumbarton line to get into Cinderella election, she said in making 2515, "expertise" a column filled do not know what their mothers for her to fill in the free jazz, resulting in job interviews, a reviewer called Nagazawa show its superiority in long Zemin has shamed this time saying : "This is not my specialty ah! "Very funny. But she has won the award.

Said the other boy with her - starred in "nine drama" Nanxing foreshore Mt. Tai Cheung Chak explosion in the field were very rude words. It has always been as pure Zemin sent a long, but very privately Boys head.

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