Saturday, May 19, 2007

Battle on Bed With Ariel, Joe Complained of Back Pain

translated by: Yvonne228 @

Joe Cheng & Ariel Lin went all the way to Guam to film GTV’s “It Started With A Kiss Sequel”. As a couple in the drama, Ariel playfully put a love lock around Joe’s neck (refer to the 1st photo). For the bed scene, the two started kissing from the balcony to the bed, making them blush and hearts racing. When filming is finished, Joe & Ariel jumped away from each other immediately, embarrassed. They got tissue to wipe their mouths due to the exchange of saliva (refer to 2nd photo). Since it was Joe who led the whole process, people jokingly said it looked like the passive Ariel was being sexually assaulted. Joe said, “Director said the limit was Ariel’s collarbone, but when I was kissing her, I almost couldn’t help myself from kissing further down.”

When Joe finished filming the bed scene, he moaned over his back pain. Due to his 188 cm height, he needed to bend his back in order to kiss 162 cm Ariel. Therefore, all throughout the kissing scene in the hotel room’s balcony, Joe had to bend his back, resulting in extreme tiredness.

joe's romance life is very low-key and mysterious. Because he is very friendly w/ mike he, the media always takes it wrongly and write about it. In reality, Joe is very gentle and kind towards girls, friendly w/ the opposite sex. When filming the sequel, Joe and Ariel can sometimes communicate through their gaze. Yesterday, they had a passionate scene. Joe (height of 187 cm) is taller than Ariel by approximately 20 cm, so along the way, he bends his back to kiss and touch her, causing him to complain of being super tired after the filming. He laughs: "Kissing her collar bone is the most embarrassing. At the end, I would unconsciously kiss downward, but i'm afraid that the camera will focus on her chest region, so my mouth would quickly move up".

In order to let the actors take down their mental barriers, director Winnie not only cleared the set, but also became the camera man. Joe and Ariel wore bath robes to kiss passionately on the balcony. Joe says: "the whole scene is me being active towards the girl. In my mind, I could only think about where to kiss next." During the filming, one little incident occured when a foreigner stood in the opposite balcony and watched them "love", while eating a banana, the scene was funny.

Joe, Ariel, and the other couple went to Guam's tourist destination lovers cape to film the "lock up love" scene. At night, they went to the police station to film. Ariel's english is pretty good, so she became Joe's english teacher and taught him some english phrases. Joe, on the other hand, taught her to speak Japanese. After filming, Joe ran w/ the speed of 100km/hr to go shopping at a quality store, causing everyone to look on w/ surprise.

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