Saturday, May 19, 2007

Since a statement there is currently no intention to marry care Xu Qiao little girl trying to vent

Sohu Entertainment -- Not long ago as the spokesman for the small and sister, arrived in Beijing S the recent popularity of high hers again for the hair care brand activities came to Beijing.

Brag to perfect the details of the pursuit of very high in its "beauty king," has become the titles under the hearts of the many beautiful women consultants S , the same day a special trip to attend the activities elaborately pretends she is not the time to seize the opportunity to show its own charm, with his mind idol Hui-Min Zhou (Hui-Min Zhou news, music Hui-Min Zhou, Hui-Min Zhou Sure), Cannes (Cannes news, martial music, martial Speakeasy) back together, Tai said with a smile he is the fans to view the status of their idols.

Although the capacity of the spokesmen, but everyone on the great life and times of interest to marriage. S And has said before it wants to be a mother, she has returned to this respect are not married to, to take care of Xu Qiao meet on the girls.

Donald eat Yangkuan the vinegar? Not big marriage

In addition to the maintenance of the beautiful pursuit do not mention it, the right to start a family and being a mother is looking forward to the boundless generosity has been recognized. S Seeing sister formed a small family and the smooth birth Xu Qiao girls, S Off to one side, the rush of Health also indicated that very much wish to own a baby when his mother, S This statement is undoubtedly a great people to see and son combination.

Playback : Did her boyfriend, boy band revealed the other side had given her about a carat rings carats, with a gift of love, Even son go to Japan next week, she can see the "no" thinking people, As Hunjie to several carats, she said : "His hand was not sufficiently tight! "She does not require Hunjie size, the rhetoric of the suitor means very much, She said, like brother-in-law to the same small surprise, "first hiding in my house, and then cling to a large flower-beam, and S I can not let found that only made me. "

But love has always been strict requirements, although the love affair with the son progressed smoothly, S But recently came out feeling because the former girlfriend Yangkuan Litton death Kingston was haggard and And as the current generation of genuine girlfriends, they might eat.

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