Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beach children enter China's ballet dance

Beach son in his repertoire of ancient Chinese beauty

Beach abuse will be the Hong Kong Dance Company in July are major dance drama "River" to play an important role, Apart from the dance will personally perform songs, and the costume its shape as more in the first press conference held yesterday exposure. Play, Beach abuse will be played a versatile Ancient artists in Cantonese and will sing the opening song ended and the "Bian River Song" and "peaceful harmony."

Worried banner for the first time to perform dance drama, children admitted Beach is a certain amount of pressure. Dance drama in July, to be staged in early June, she began rehearsals, asked her to worry about not enough time rehearsing? She said : "Only through hard, because their work secret arrangement well. "This is the first child wearing a bathing costume, and has performed with three sets of clothing, she said because costumes complex to take shape. So it is difficult to perform.

In addition, she will perform the play in Chinese, since she normally only jump jazz dance, Chinese dance never skip. So now we are beginning to practice and rehearsals with two divisions dance practice. Beach also disclosed abuse plays opera scene she needs sitting palanquin provocatively, in order to avoid too heavy then sit less than sedans, She said with a smile now begin to keep fit.

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