Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Side Tian jokes like monkeys

Tian side of the concert rehearsals

Lateral fields will be held Thursday at the "World Music Win Fights. BRAVO!JUSTIN China Hongkong, "he yesterday evening together with a few friends and guests Cao lattice, Kohi and Rubber Band vocalist on the 6th for rehearsals. Tian side then will be invited to entertainment and Miss Yu Fei Lin Jiabin.

Side Tian said that before and with HOU Huangpinyuan perform in a show, this is the initiative Linjiabin HOU. HOU has always been very enthusiastic, asking not return. Why then did he ask Miss Yu Fei guests do? Tian side admits a bit boring, would also like to share with other female singers, as Wang Wan's, but this can recall Wan's done please gentlemen, or will invite each other to watch show.

In concert, the side will be singing and playing fields, in addition to playing the piano, the guitar will shells. He worried that when the good nervousness will hand tremor, but he is confident of overcoming. Instead, the most difficult is to dance, he says this concert is music to dance again shells, such as breaking, he said : "like monkeys like, but I believe weird. "

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