Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chung Jia-Xin play acting rude test

Chung Jia-Xin in new productions "touchstone work together" speech a very rude sister Mong Kok yesterday she was wearing a short skirt and vest. exposing the fake tattoo on the wrist.

Jia-Xin said this is a breakthrough role, despite the recent shooting of the new productions of "chairman" She's also a bad woman is evil, but bad in a little noble, but this role is very rude. She said frankly he was very polite peacetime, it wants to play a little rough practice, especially before to Mong Kok, know where the girl was like.

In reality she has thought about tattoo? Jia-Xin said no, because oneself, and they know the profile it will be difficult to take off. She plays to wear navel ring that she had previously thought of wearing a navel ring, but eventually abandoned it, this is part of umbilical meant.

Mr Farah yesterday appeared to pregnant women modeling, she explained the movie is a greedy aspiration to vanity of women, often rely on somewhat good looking. want to remarry into Homer, eventually, BB is not a more commit suicide. She feels that her role is a test, this is no longer release -- and wear a swimsuit. Recently she has asked Mummy views about how to interpret pregnant women.

It refers to "wireless" to use her show, Li Peng, Farah said, the company has been good care for her, to give her a lot of job opportunities, She will do the best we can. But before that she was "runny turmoil" as interpreted by overreacting, Budget cuts. She interpreted this how? She said that this different roles, a line has its own, more stringent, to spend more energy to his.

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