Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ke-pregnant wife late paternity

Keqin Guazhu wife, rehearsals faster

"Hong Kong most Western" activities for the evening of video performances of singers Jade Kwan, Sunyaowei. Hacken Lee and a public artistes including Hoi-lan, Wu Ting-yan, and other CAO. Hacken Lee Chuan-be father, immediately became the focus interview. Keqin noon the day before rehearsals started, rehearsals finished decide to return home. Asked whether he accompanied his wife? He also admitted that it is accompanied by his wife, but also to accompany more. He refers to a father of the nation, Keqin said with a smile as his new song "Flowers Gone", not answered, more reporters asked him to the spokesman Aaron well. He said the recent busy recording, this is Zuozhu recording, because the composer Eric Kok did not want him to sing too much gas pubic region.

Xin Yan Peak footprint

In addition, the night's activities was to introduce Western culture, Jade Kwan is living in the early years of this, there is a certain understanding, She feel that some valuable cultural relics should be retained. Because our culture has not much will stay the stay should, as the old Central Police Station, the Peak and the Queen's Pier. She also recalled the past school days, the boys agreed to visit the Peak, then a half-day trip. Fortunately, she Xiaowei then barely edge, and not prayer margin to live a full day, the top is not easy.

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