Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Concert to be held tonight friend / Ah See Yinghan Sammi Fights

Joe rehearsals have not forgotten the funniest

Denise tonight will be "New Friends" concert performances, she invited friends to Datong and Zhangjicong as guests, Ah See yesterday with two guests Let concert rehearsals. Ah See this means there will be Sammi Cheng (Sammi) with Taiwan, she will conduct the concert, Sammi in Gongguan opening show, she asked what trick won Sammi shake, shake Ah See ourselves not beat each other, Sammi is very strong because, unless she swallows swords guaranteed, or only way to shake themselves to win. Ah See if asked to concede? Ah See said - not different than the series.

On reports that Sammi concert attire is suspected of plagiarism, Ah See Punt Sammi said, used to obey the reports. Last night she saw the way into the Gongguan Air show, initially thought that Sammi will be troubled by the reports, but the concert, see her spirits. Sammi before rehearsals for a concert inadvertently tripped, Ah See admitted heard the news, we could not help but be scared shocked, feel terror, it told Sammi have to be particularly careful. Asked her not to call Sammi condolences? Ah See said that night in msn can see Sammi, Sammi concert will have time to finish the Internet? Ah See, Sammi may want to see if they respond to their performances.

Earlier, the Ah See often reversed sleep time, the impact on her health, she recently got Qigong masters treatment. She said that when physicians in her head and stomach luck, a capillary vertical feeling. By qigong treatment and burn the medicine, she recovered. Ah See said with a smile personally burn medicine, it is now addicted to burn out, even her cat was like these taste.

Tatung side with the mother who denied for woman

In addition, Tatung has cut his hair, his smile scandal girlfriend Fiona (Xuekaiqi) whether to cut his hair? Datong has said Fiona seldom see him, did not matter. Ah See concert tonight as guests, he also admitted to the pre-Ah See derision. Normal little girls with his cooperation, this cooperation with Ah See, I feel very happy, referring Ah See more roughly. Ah See Datong agreed to a straightforward enough right thing Ah See more than the man himself.

He is referring to compete with Jaycee Chan Fiona compete forcefully denied this side of Datong, with ancestral names and Fiona are good friends, regular meeting date with a meal, and laughs that their three blocks a "tease", he said no, dumping between three Speakers.

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