Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Film "Brothers" actor has no say / brother denied Sihu hold a grudge

Miaojiaowei right Huang-liang dies extremely unfortunate

"Extravaganza 2007 Care Chest" charity before the fancy bowling at a bowling center in Kowloon Bay a video, The guests have Miaojiaowei (brother), Cuicui Ye, Chen Yin Mei, Lu:huiyi, Hu and the new Lincoln, and so on.

Earlier reports Andy Lau investment to start shooting the film "Brothers" and ending Sihu performances alone owed Tony. Some people say yes because Sihu hold a grudge. Brother stressed not hold a grudge at all, because they do not contact on Weizi, if he is interested in performing, can participate in at any time. Weizai but busy themselves than in peacetime, rarely meeting, he also has its own world, usually most brides on their own lifestyles.

Brother said, but he and ST peacetime, Andy Lau has agreed to bowling, but Weizai love water-skiing, We have different hobbies. He will find Weizai by Miss Carina Lau? Brother said this was not necessary, that they should not hold a grudge, because this movie is not necessarily to find hung 70-80,000. The most important role. He also has five personal interest, this can be done, a good few years hung Poly head, and he only ST. Andy Lau more contact. He understands we all hung expect further cooperation, but also look at opportunities, we should be interested in combining After all, only unhappy.

Cuicui with Hu bowing new school

In addition, Mr Hu and Cuicui was the day before the new scheduling into a group and eventually defeat the remaining two presidential rivals. Cuicui said professional coaches with their bowling nine months of the study, Hu is the new No. 1 in her master. She asked whether the scandal because the former boyfriend Li Yi Long Hu and the new understanding, she looked embarrassed that do not remember.

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