Saturday, May 19, 2007

'Dai Kai' Heads "Heart of Greed" Courtroom Promotion

TVB's hot drama "Heart of Greed" held a promotional event yesterday in a shopping centre, themed around 'family courtroom' as Ha Yu became the family's guardian angel, whilst Lee Si Kei became the judge. Under examination were Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung and Susanna Kwan, who were all found guilty and sentenced to a punishment. Raymond and Linda had to carry Fala Chen and Natalie Tong across the stone pah, whilst Bosco and Tavia had to eat bread covered in mustard. Susanna was punished by her screen son Lai Lok Yi and Michelle Yim who placed a pig basket over her and she joked: "I would have been better giving birth to a piece of char siu than to you!" The housewives in the crowd called out to Si Kei, who walked over to them, but they gave an even better performance as one of them burst into tears and cried: "Don't die so quickly!" Upon seeing this, Si Kei brought out a tissue and handed it to her saying: "Don't cry! Don't cry!"

The ratings results were also announced at yesterday's event and the scene on Wednesday where 'Dai Kai' died, the ratings reached 36 points, but on Thursday where Linda's character found a third party in her relationship with Raymond, the ratings rose to 39 points, making everyone very happy indeed and they celebrated with champagne. Responding to the ratings rising after Dai Kai's death, Si Kei said: "That is even better, there is now a push because when Sai Kai gets home, then it will be even better. The most hateful characters will be Tavia's family who end up moving into the Tong home, so the story will be very gripping and there will not be a dull moment." As for this series being her representative performance, she says: "Before I had said it was early days, but now I have reached the end, I can says that it is one of my better productions. (Everyone says you acted very well?) Acting well is a talent that I have from the heavens and my health keeps me in touch with the audiences. Without my health, I cannot go to work."

For Susanna's evil Sai Kai role, although she has been criticised by the netizens, she has not received any insults in real life and she smiles: "For everyone to be angry with Sai Kai means that they admire my performance and know that I am just acting, so they will not scold me." Susanna says that her interest in acting is getting greater and greater, but she does not want to play a villain any more, because this time she has already taken it to the extreme and she hopes that she can be a good person in the future or even a dumb character in a comedy.

Bosco had to suffer some indigestion as he had some bread with a thick layer of mustard on it. He laughed: "It is very perverse! All thanks to Tavia!"

Bosco has just returned from Thailand, where apart from filming for "Jewels Splendor" in Phuket, he also attended a TVBI promotion in Bangkok. Talking of the secret date that Ada Choi and Moses Chan had in a Phuket cave, Bosco says: "Originally I was to go there too, but I was too lazy and went to the spa instead, so I let them down. I am sorry about that and I do deeply believe that there is nothing between them. The cave was within the resort and is used to keep swallows and they just went to look around." Bosco describes their four day trip to Phuket as full of fear because there are millions of moths and flying ants there and they had to keep his room closed up. He says: "I hate little insects!" Asked what is more frightening - rumours or insects, he smiles: "They are both just as scary, rumours are part of my work and life, but insects cannot be part of my life."

With Dai Kai and Sai Kai becoming the focus of the show, Raymond says he regrets not having any scenes with them in this show. As for his character being a two-timing boyfriend,is he afraid of being hated by the viewers? He smiles: "I am prepared for it, so I don't go out much now. It will get better later, so I hope I will gain some points again." He to carry Fala across the stony path, but she protected her chest and he smiled: "I was lucky!" Linda was asked about her scene gaining more viewers than Dai Kai's death and she says she is very happy about this and she hopes that everyone will continue to watch. In real life, if her boyfriend had another lover, would she force him to tell her about the other person? She says she would because otherwise there would be a splinter in her heart. If he changed his ways then she would give him another chance.

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