Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dai Lin Xiong acknowledged then show price increase

Bear Dai Lin (right) and Yao Yi attended the opening reception of renowned

Naomi Dai Lin Xiong, Yao Yi (Mikki) and TAN Yu and others, Last night at the famous Italian brand Bottega Veneta branches opening ceremony Journalist Dai Lin Xiong will take the opportunity to purchase goods and Aaron Kwok? She smiled : "In no way can answer! "In response to reports that she received a cheap show, and with the agency's profit-sharing percentage than the same company's Chenjiarong, the company would have received more for her work, she was denied, nor do I believe that Chen Jia Yong said so. Chenjiarong also said a number of models and are her friends, we do not want any misunderstanding. But recently received recognition Sao bid newly arrived high.

Mentioned profit-sharing issues Mikki a bit angry by the recent news about the matter, She simply out with a modeling company profit-sharing basis, it was reported when she was admitted profit-sharing ratio of six to four said, think it is very unfair to their own, also feel that not being respected, and as to whether to Dai Lin Xiong explained that she did not feel necessary.

TAN Yu refused to pay foreign boyfriend

In addition, the recent busy TAN Yu investment in the mainland stock and real estate business, pleasure at the end of last year, said a stock market gains. Turning love life, she recognized a Chinese male contacts, but not sure of each other's boyfriend status. She earlier employed private teachers to teach her English, the proposed foreign boyfriend, she got to know it even better? She said her boyfriend can do to find her husband foreigners do very resistant.


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