Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yang Yi fear through Zhuo Wu Xi hearsay pair

Yang Yi original love racing game

Yang Yi yesterday to attend the "Forza Motorsport 2 Team Race", racing game and try and spot decorative two remote control racer for charity auction with a total of 700 funds raised. Themselves playing video games, Yang Yi, and praising the racing game is very exciting and very much like driving really, is trying to drive safely, Since motorists tried only by a yellow-and detained three.

Yang Yi decoration of a remote control racer : White Fair Lady, is its scandal boyfriend Zhuo Wu Xi rides, She said the charity has never been used, the other side of a car, although no driving, but the other side will be willing confidence lent her driving, She also tried the past to lend him. She asked not afraid of the re-scandal thus Zhuo Wu Xi or other scandal girlfriend discontent? She said with a smile afraid, also joked that addressed later on the call to him to borrow the car.


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