Friday, May 25, 2007

"Demons bootlegging Wang ultimate war" panorama

1.7 billion U.S. dollars in the very smiled Kaiyan the box office record support, the "magic of bootlegging King" shot Part Three "Pirates of the Caribbean : Wang ultimate magic of bootlegging war, "which will control the European Asia, the word for the devil stealing plot Wang Ke-piracy to a major scuffle. Now, film companies spent 225 million U.S. dollars in production costs and also arranged the screening of global synchronization, but no mistreatment of audiences in Asia, not to mention the movie we have made the Columbia-winning star Chow Yun-fat. Although the film travels from the "ultimate war", but a producer Shirley Albert Ma said in an interview. viewers will start shooting right answer is vague even only : "This collection is the end of the story. "In other words, where a story can have a happy ending : not the same as Chinese.

However, regardless of whether the producer, the director has found the plot grams captain and his players 10-12 terbutaline has been integrated into two. That role Merry selfish but shifty character, plus flowers clever stunts, the plot grams captain swept countless viewers; Joe terbutaline and also because the plot grams become the most popular of Nanxing, let the world know this strange chicken actor can blame Chumingtang.

For the audience to bring greater surprise, the director Galway DEMBINSKI to plot grams to a fascinating played. On the plot to undertake the first half grams tragic fall Harbor nether world, he even split personality, often temperamental quarrel with ourselves, not homemade, Such an arrangement will undoubtedly make Joe terbutaline show himself sprightly, for the rest of the pirates come to a critical moment; Live directors have accepted the recommendation, arrangements for "Rolling Stone" guitarist Keith Richard in a movie plays his father. Two "strange" and his son who do not listen to the Air alone is already very attractive.

In addition to the plot grams, Luiza and her lover William still appear to couples posture, But Luiza and plot grams of ambiguous Sentiment this remarkable collection, and the director seems to be trying to create more love lines If deep-sea octopus Hades original Favor indigenous women priests, female priests and the Croatian father and original plot with a situation; Our fat is in the film playing captain Xiaofeng, he hands the end of the world map Isa was scheduled for the beauty of dumping.

As for those new one, marine whirlpool storms super special thank a natural, All this is in order to challenge the billions of dollars at the box office, if possible, so viewers will start shooting.

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