Friday, May 25, 2007

Miriam Yeung of Hong Kong Polytechnic University awarded the Honorary Membership

1000 Hua Li greatly welcomed by students

When the nurses had Yeung night invited to attend the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Medical and Social Sciences celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show, the school awarded "Honorary Membership" to the 1000 Hua, she was pleasantly surprised. And 1,000 for the night Hua charity auction host to this event, the 1000 Hua could say the money and effort. also the spot to 50,000 yuan in donations for the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team Players Signed volleyball, while Yao Ming's signature basketball, Chenxiaobao from 30,000 yuan to bid. And Xiao Chen with Abbie in the name of the company and PLK donated two million yuan. The money raised that night will be contributed to enroll in courses of study for students.

Father also wish

For awarded the "Honorary Membership," Hua said candidly before the 1000 General Assembly will have only said something to her, They did not expect is a degree of Sciences. By the time she nurses suddenly switch to the singer, and his father has the most to the completion of her degree, this was awarded the "Honorary Membership" It can be said that the desire to reach parents, later there may wear hats Quartet. Speaking before a senior female nurses were killed in the unfortunate incident, 1000 Hua heard the news, people very uncomfortable, can only hope that the families of the dead will not be too saddened to hear of the death there before the firemen, She also hopes that the family will not be too sad. For all public officers, 1,000 Hua think that deserves respect, the future whenever the activities to help her, she will support.

Sammi pilgrimage to the

Hua in 1000 after the end of the event, immediately rushed to the Gongguan see Sammi performances, it was Sammi Rafah power Choir. Sammi reports excessive weight loss, resulting in aging and menopause, 1000 Hua frowning denounced the report as very sinister mind, and praising Sammi is a very ability of the singers strong willpower is worthy of emulation by all. 1000 Hua soon will be opening concert, this concert will see Sammi pilgrimage. She asked whether the school Sammi up in arms training rats Aberdeen? 1000 Hua said with a smile they have always had rats in Aberdeen before, as do the regular nurses for patients to go through the bed, only very long before moving.

Beautiful life

Another 2,300-Sammi not invited this time with the company's 1000 Hua so guests, but the night before a 1000 Hua personally go cheer. That evening guests Methodist poetry. But security song, Sammi invited 1,000 Hua and Miss Gigi Leung came to power. Sammi said it is better to sing, 1000 Hua will sing "runny turmoil," Jay said with a laugh at this time has nothing to do with her. Sammi was calm, said : "Well, we three women sang" beautiful life "! Because of the beautiful women speaking very important. "Hua take the 1000 and viewed under onstage Sammi does not forget to say" Good Show. "

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