Friday, May 04, 2007

Edmond So being a father for the second time
translation done by d0ggiel0ver

Pig Year seems to have a lot of good things going on. Sunny recently had became a father and now congrats to Edmond to become a father again. This time it's also a little princess. They'll find a master for them to give the baby a name, after his wife is out of the hospital.

Today was also Edmond's birthday (age 41), but stayed in the hospital with his wife and a few friends to celebrate. They bought lots of food and had dinner in the room. This year is different, because a new person came to celebrate also, his daughter. His daughter was born on 2 May at night around 6 o'clock and weights 6 pounds. The daughter looks more like his father. Asked him or he was dissapointed because it was not a son, he replied:"I did wanted a boy before, but I never thought of my daughter to be born on my birthday, it was like fate, I'm happy we are celebrating our birthday on the same day."

Edmond stayed with hi wife only for 2 hours. Asked him or he will come back later? He replied that he was lazy and he had lots of work to do. So he can't stay with his wife 24/7 and think that anyone would understand in the business.

Karen Tong, a good friend of Edmond, also came to visit and thought the baby looked very cute. Asked her when will she get married and have children. She said that she'll see when it comes.

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