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Hacken Lee's wife believes that those who are innocent are free from guilt

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[OLD NEWS]: Emily Lo (Hacken Lee's wife) believes that those who are innocent are free from guilt

Emily Lo believes that those who are innocent are free from guilt;
Before she steps down, she doesn’t feel any stress competing for Miss Universe

One year has passed by in the blink of an eye. In April, Emily Lo will be representing Hong Kong in the Miss Universe competition held in Mexico. After that, it will soon be time for her to pass the baton - passing on the title of Miss Hong Kong to the next lady to be crowned.

“Aye! This busy year has really passed very fast! I now truly realize what it means by “Ri Yue Ru Suo” (the days are nights passing very fast).”

Laughing at her, “Are you unwilling to step down?”

“No, it’s not that I am unwilling to do so. Every girl who wins the title will take on a similar path. I only wish that I can continue to shine after stepping down.” These were her heartfelt words.

Emily once announced that since achieving her title of Miss Hong Kong, the greatest reward is getting to know “God Brother” Hacken Lee. Seems like Emily does not remember rumours about her at heart and is generous.

Towards this, she says “I treat myself sincerely, really. I’m not afraid of any rumours. If they aren’t real, there’s no need for me to be calculative and avoid them.”

Just like Hacken Lee being her good friend, she will not end their friendship because there were rumours that they are going steady.

That’s why she admires the pair Sally Yip and George Lam.

“If you want to talk about stress, Sally Yip is facing much more of it. After all, George Lam is married!”

However, Sally and George still continue to be friends. Emily Lo believes that the innocent are free from guilt.

“Maybe Sally and George adopt the western thinking so they don’t mind what others have to say about them.”

Emily also agrees that to end a hard to come by friendship due to what others say is a pity.

“It is hard to find a friend who has chemistry with you, especially a ‘Male Partner who truly understands you’ that Sally Yip mentioned!”

Speaking about work on her trip in April, she says “I’ve sought my company’s advice, I will most likely be buying souvenirs which represent China for the organization and other contestants.”

Though most Hong Kong contestants do not win the competition when they go overseas, Emily feels that this should not be the reason for not putting in effort.

“On the other hand, I’m excited about the competition and I don’t feel any stress!”

She says she will do her best for the competition, but it doesn’t just boil down to getting an award or not.

“This is the last beauty pageant competition I’m competing in before I step down. I hope to do my best and have more great memories.”

[wow, must have been really stressful for them 2 try to keep their relationship secret! emily seems like a nice, down-to-earth person. =) -kate]

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