Sunday, May 20, 2007

F3’s “Fruit of Tears” rejected by the Japanese

F3’s “Fruit Tears” rejected by the Japanese

F3 Zai Zai, Zhu Xiao Tian and Wu Jian Hao will be the lead stars in a soon to be filmed idol drama called Fruit Tears, this drama was being planned for a long time now, but the Japanese counterpart thinks its too promotional for a drama and rejected the story. At present they are revising the script, F3 faces rejection.

Angie Chai will be filming “Fruit Tears’ for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. Initially Zai Zai will play the role of a forestry student; Zhang Hui Mei is set for the meantime to play an aborigine singer, plus another actress for the role of a tourist guide. The following sites will be intertwined in the drama: Taipei 101, Ali Shan, Ken Ding and other scenic spots. It will be shown in Japan and korea, F3’s glamour and charm will be come on for Taiwan Tourism.

Drama too promotional

So that each scenic spot will be highlighted in the drama, Angie Chai spent a lot of time thinking about this script, however in an unexpected turn of event Japan rejected the story line. They believe that the story is just like a tourism-promotion film and not a drama; Chai lost no time in hurriedly revising the script but she is really pressed for time, they should start filming by July. Wu Jian Hao will start filming a drama in China with a Korean actress. by September Zhu Xiao Tian will head to China to film “Sword, Saber and Laughter.” Their exposure in the tourism drama will be lessened because of this. Zai Zai will have to bear the responsibility of carrying the drama by himself. Re the big revisions in the drama, Chai Zhi Ping said “ We are still studying the drama with the japanese, there has always been many directions, but everyone wanted to know so we had to announce our initial set-up.

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