Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fala Chen is Not Afraid of a Mistress Image

Fala Chen took part in an image styling promotion yesterday and as artistes often have to wear make up, she says that her skills are not bad and she has managed to do her make-up in just ten minutes and be ready to go out in just half an hour. She has also tried putting on eye make up in a car, but she advises against doing this when the car is in motion. When she was in America, she once crashed into the car in front because she was too busy looking in a mirror.

In new series "The Family Link", Fala plays a mistress character, but she is not worried about her image becoming fixed, because she has many other roles in series that are yet to be aired and she will do her best to prepare for her performances, so even if she cannot swim, she will still do the water scenes like she did in "Family".

As for the suggestions that this series has taken a lot of the storylines from American series "Desperate Housewives", she syas that if the ratings get up as far as "Desperate", then it would be good and she will not think too much about other things. The three 'housewives' in the show are all outstanding, especially Cecilia Yip. Fala points out that when she was in the Miss Chinese International Pageant, Cecilia was one of the judges and she played a big part in launching her current showbiz career, so she will always give her total support to Cecilia, even when there are criticisms about her overacting: "A lot of housewives are like this, she is a veteran actor, so she will know how to control her acting."

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