Sunday, May 27, 2007

From Taiwan F4 to Pet Name Custom among names for Xinshe

from Taiwan F4 used to publicity Xinshe

From Taiwan F4 (Vanness) just from Japan to publicize their new album End arrivals, RoadShow yesterday for "fashion charm" program as guests, and stay just a few days. He has been filled with work, in addition to the Community Chest last night fund-raising show so guests, and today there are Qianchanghui a series of visits. Vanness this new album Pet Name Custom among its "V.Dubb" name He also took out eight Sao muscular record holder for the reporters to take pictures, he has good muscular strength, He is looking at his chest smiled : "Before a holiday, no! Worship See you tomorrow! "The new album Pet Name Custom among their own names, he said it was not Pet Name Custom among family members began to ask him, is online chatting with friends when used, not fear people impersonating, as he will add some marking and friends know. He also arranged for the new album costumes, lyrics and directed by MV, with a view to more people knew him.

Listen to learn Cantonese lazy Motha Fucka

Vanness last year in Japan opened three concerts in July this year, he will be held in Japan three concerts. But he would also like to be held as soon as possible in Gongguan 2,300, or end of the year or early next year, is expected to succeed, and are worried that they will not be full. He told reporters quickly learn Cantonese, he said : "I have been efforts to learn, but the timing could not find formal teacher, I would have to listen to the songs of Guangdong, the most like Jacky Cheung and lazy Motha Fucka listen to the song, (lazy Motha Fucka listen to the song wish to learn Cantonese swearing? ) Yes! In fact, my friends listen to their songs. "


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