Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jia Ying Amidst all these perverts who wants

Jia Ying-mei increasingly, it is not surprising that many people seek

Jia Ying yesterday for "ATV" propaganda outsourcing drama "Beasley" and "reach-in the spring.The meeting was the master of ceremonies asked not to pursue when she talked about some of those morbid pursuit.

Jia Ying said the recruits, the fans received many letters, in which many of her love letters However, the most terrifying metamorphosis of a letter, the letter was accompanied by the male sperm, when she opened the letter, he was dumbfounded, Since then, every time she calls Help for the demolition of their letter.

Jia Ying said, as early as two weeks received a letter of male fans, the other side has said that her program has openly of his love. Jia Ying read puzzling, I thought it was the other side Tricky Business, wrote the last letter, The original male fans already 60 years old, also called her think twice. Jia Ying said thank each other for their good opinion, but I hope that the other side will not give up her own life, not including her.

Jia Ying appealed to fans not to take excessive behavior, the fear on her bad.

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