Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mrs Ting Hao Yang Tsai stock

Mrs Ting Hao and Yaoyao emphasis on title

Wang Ai Mrs Thomas Hao Ting gave birth Delight named Daniel, is now almost two months, is the highest form of self-Yaoyao, has lost 20 pounds, but still want to cut lbs, and hopes to maintain more than 90 pounds of body weight. For Cou BB, Yaoyao said hard but enjoy and Mrs Ting Hao also happy for his son So wind. Asked Father's Day is approaching how to celebrate? He said : "He may bring to the park to play. I hope my son grow fast, but also open accounts for stock certificates he hoped that at the age of 18 would not have to pay him. "

ONGOING wedding day

Yaoyao when asked to re-submit the wedding? She Meihaoqi : "We have a third party, good serious! "She pointed as she explains to take care of their children, Mrs Ting Ho has been busy Boju, no time to prepare for the wedding. even want to put two-month old son wine may be wasted. Mrs Ting Hao : "My mother originally told us to bring to Canada placed BB-month liquor, but I simply unable to Paiju. She plans to fly to Hong Kong, I have to Tianjin are ultimately placed fragmentation. "He has yet to Yaoyao respect suitor. Yaoyao also considerate : "As long as we found the mind, marriage is only ceremony. I certainly hope to have a good memory, I do not want to rush to do under reluctantly. If we are good, not to pursue the wedding can be good. "

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