Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wei-lan suspected poor home geomancy

Wu Yu Fei (left), Wei-lan ZHANG Jing-wear clothing for the nostalgia concert creating a momentum

Wei-lan (Janice) Wu Yu-fei (Kary) and ZHANG Jing-dressed nostalgic yesterday to attend the "beginning of 2157 Modern Fossil Vintage attachment to the old concert innovative entertainment "reporter, The concert will be held next month on the 29th at the International Trade and Exhibition Center.

As Sammi idol

Sammi Cheng (Sammi) 8 concerts has ended, Janice earlier work, see idols missing the opportunity to perform, she exclaimed disappointed. Janice said, has been regarded as Sammi idol, I remember the first before buying albums Sammi is the record. For Wei Shi sister Sammi had the same stage chorus, her envy! Asked Janice why not require the company to arrange for her cooperation with Sammi? Janice think this is not a simple task requires a lot of support, the boss Leon (dawn) are appease her, She should do its own work, Janice candor, wanted most is the opportunity to live visibility Sammi, If Choir will prosper.

Wei Shi reported alopecia is very serious, is a happy dawn for Jill to find a way of resolving the problem. JaniceJanice is not aware of this, the sister, it is not precluded from poor homes geomancy, Now the situation has improved sister, will soon be fully recovered, not to worry.

Kary done favorite song title

Kary recently busy publicity new song "pressed close together," she said with a smile that her name has become a mantra, often facing parents, bosses and colleagues said : "Do not be forced too close! "Kary the Xinshe will be launched on the 8th of next month. On Xinshe of the event, Kary said the company abandoned her Hui Zhao, and large selection of special writing cover But records and posters inside a nut as her. To tie in with the new fast songs, Kary recently busy rehearsing dance, and with the teacher to practice and the first will appear to wear high heels walk on the road to practice two to three hours miserable.

Tsai Wan - Hsuan's looking at prison

Landmark recently with the Aberdeen scandal girlfriend Wang Wan's visit to the prison and the inmates to enjoy the meal. Hsuan Tsai Wan's exposed During the visits, a pair of black fact, the tall and strong build goodwill largest prison guards. Menuhin Aberdeen funny way that really beats me, and it has a right Aster he tired of. Aster's even said that the prisoners appearance more refined than his. Hsuan Tsai also told the inmates to talk to his feelings.

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