Sunday, May 20, 2007

Myolie Wu Sells Charity Rice

As ambassador for the charity Oxfam, Myolie Wu attended the opening of their charity rice selling event yesterday. When MC Ellesmere Choy introduced her onto the stage, he misused an expression for 'someone who is attached', and referred to her in the male form and when she heard this, Myolie jokingly turned to him and asked: "Why are you saying I am a man?"

Afterwards, Myolie explained that she didn't mind Ellesmere joking about her rumours, but she just wanted to tell him that he had used the wrong expression. Myolie says that in order to raise more money for Oxfam, she has donated her hats and scarves to be auctioned and this raised $9600. She says happily: "At first I was worried that no-one would want them. I never thought that they would do so well, although I have used them, they have a lot of sentimental value." Myolie also reveals that she has been out for a meal with Liza Wang and rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong for a Japanese Meal because they will begin filming in June for the modern sequel to "War of In-Laws", so Liza took them out to dinner to talk about the series. Asked what advice she has given them them, she says: "Liza told me to get plenty of rest ready to be yelled at! Just joking! (Are you worried that there will be more rumours with Bosco?) There will be rumours whoever I work with, so I will just treat it as promotion."

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