Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bosco Wong Shows Off in the Starry Kitchen

Bosco Wong has always liked to cook and yesterday he recorded the latest episode of "Starry Kitchen", where he cooked a dish of Black Pepper Diced Steak. Bosco showed his skill with the knife and also with wok frying. It turns out that when he was in high school, he learned to cook by helping out at his godmother's roadside restaurant and he did not take any wages for his work because he saw it as a hobby.

As he is very interested in cooking, Bosco had thought about becoming a chef, but he is too afraid of the heat in the kitchen. If he retires from acting in the future, he will open a restaurant and design his own dishes. Asked if his girlfriend has tried his cooking, Bosco says: "No! (You have a lot of rumoured girlfriends?) I cooked for her a long time ago." There were rumours earlier that Bosco visited Myolie Wu's home to make her a risotto, but he evades the question saying: "I have just cooked for female friends!" On Mothers Day, did Bosco cook for his mother? He says: "I made her a 9-course feast with fish, prawns and crab!"

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