Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sammi bringing the audience to do good deeds

Sammi Ah See from time to time with MSN, is the Old Buddies

Sammi Cheng's concert has come to an end, she will be the seventh market all contributed to the song paid three charitable organizations, namely, End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation, and ART IN HOSPITAL; - School & Home for the Blind. Evening performances guests Joe, died last night were Andy Hui Mei and support.

Thanks open

Last night an opening, Sammi publicly thanked fans of the audience : "Because this money to watch are all doing good, thank you. "Ah See is called to do this Sammi sister, Sammi immediately said with a laugh :" baa we Aunt ah! I had your year, 2003. "She blew all night and Ah See ghosts from the regular MSN. A Poetry "our theme song" and Sammi chorus, more kicking during Sammi Qunjia, Fortunately, no accidents. After Ah See blew yes Sammi fan and has been in Canada before her CD Qi, Chu her flash cards. She also burglary and Sammi MSN playing computer when not to leave, as soon as they leave five minutes, she would fight frenzy question mark asked to be found.

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