Monday, May 28, 2007

She shared the honor Brother Fat

the mother and share experience in educating children

The mother (Li-Fang Chen) yesterday in conjunction with Connie Anderson and respect, attended by the students to help organize the "family-friendly" activity Ma made the scene more acceptable Andreas respect visit about their children's education experience.

The mother said, never playing children, mostly from small to not beat them. Also "In the past, the concept of birth children with completely different now, a lot of the past few are indifferent. So I let them walk the streets, whose parents are giving them food. At that time, children from poor families do not like dogs, now well-off society it is different, all children are deemed to be a treasure. As for the education of their children, in the past we will be in the form of incentives, not buy too many toys to the game. "

On the Columbia and its daughters (Chow Yun-fat), the mother praising his love for her 74-year-old remember that, asthma hair. Columbia issued a day early to take her to swim to the South China will also help her find a coach, the mother happy : "I have this 86-year-old, still Chaozhao to swim, Kazakhstan Ha! "

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