Monday, May 28, 2007

Xing Tian not MTV Awards again when Triple Crown

The annual music event, "MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2007" in 26, the General Assembly awarded to the year's outstanding singers, the results Fortunately Tian became the biggest winner.

Pop present at the ceremony, including Tian Fortunately, the mass graves love, Suzuki Asia and the United States, after the Greek Makoto Naito, orange-Pacific, DJ Ozma. South Korea's "Oriental God to" Taiwan "Beijing", there is still wild tree Lane and Globe also attended as special guests, is star-studded. master of ceremonies is Ito U.S. albums and funniest artists Hidehiko stone graves.

Oh Min Zhuang

Xing Tian last year, again with the song "Dream Songs," won the best female singer MTV Awards MTV and the best best-lattice Artist Award three awards, as Triple Crown, has maintained a strong momentum. Xing Tian to attend a sexy dress, and constantly waving to the fans, expressing thanks feelings, she said : "This year I just want to do guests of honor winners can really very happy. "Fortunately, last year was the same field three awards, but the Assembly invited meters Jackson as guests, snatched her thunder. this time she finally collect the protagonist's position, terribly.

DJ Ozma Aspen from large Sturt

Ozma and the DJ was with the song "Every Age Age Knight" won the best male singer MTV Awards He was last year's "white" is performing this song, because the performances are too bold in the final gust caused controversy. His winners in the platform, as in the past, singing from, the last one only underwear, he said with a laugh : "Also being scolded by the praise, really very happy. "As for the best album title from Daniel Powter won album of the same title.


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