Monday, May 28, 2007

Wei-lan Malaysian Qianchanghui Flattered

Wei-lan (left) and Cheong you to Malaysia Qianchanghui enthusiastic response

Wei-lan (Janice) held in Malaysia in the evening, "Do U Know Wei-lan Qianchanghui" He was hit you should prosper, attracted a total of 8,000 fans, Janice Visibility in Malaysia's popularity. Over two years, Janice's first local promotional records, and Qianchanghui in a local shopping center parking, 8,000 people crowded with car parks, Janice fully in the brilliant songs, scream, cheers and applause. Janice grateful to everyone except claimed the support conversations also revealed his excitement was flattering. In an atmosphere of high, Masters suddenly an all-Malaysian readers vote for the "Top Ten readers favorite songs-Runaway" J-spot admissions anice, because she thought that her prize before, it felt happy.

Signed three consecutive touched.

Malaysia this trip were to stay for three days, Janice will continue to Ipoh and conducted Qianchanghui Furong. During my close but Janice was very excited, she said : "The Malaysian fans really warm, happily so many people have come to support me, but three consecutive signed, really soft attendance, but to see the fans support I touched the hope that good can come quickly to meet with you. "

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