Monday, May 28, 2007

Wu statement of the summer slimming law

u statement (right), a weight loss method and Oscar attend activities

Wu statement (Yan) and junior Oscar as "friendly ambassador" status to attend the "Pirates of the Caribbean : Demon bootlegging Wang ultimate war "charity show, ticket proceeds will be donated to the Pok Oi Hospital. Yan has been seen over the past two ago, Wang is the magic of bootlegging fans, the special trip to attend yesterday's appreciation; As for the Oscar due to the recording, do not have shows, Yan could not help but disappointed : "I would like to nestle together with you to watch Tim! "In addition, Yan-by many, she said with a smile because of the advent of summer, and her weight loss method is really very simple. only slimming menu with the rest a week to eat on the 3rd, eating three weeks has been effective.

Oscar somewhat similar statement from the Columbia

Oscar statement from the fans is Chow Yun-fat, fat Columbia all have seen his work, like most is "The autumn fairy," good role for civilians, but unfortunately have not yet had the opportunity to meet Brother Fat live, he said : "Once the opportunity to see the original, But the Columbia, which was taking, so the margin of the company. "At this time Yan burglary many friends seem to think that Brother Fat Oscar, but she smiled :" Brother Fat temperament, In his case, yet to be found. "Oscar has consciously made a bit like Columbia, he was asked if he could imagine Brother Fat shoot so many films? He said that if the Columbia accident has happily.

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