Monday, May 28, 2007

"Wu Qingyuan" entertainment legend

Oscar Awards has been the subject of criticism is that the conservative and protectionist very strong, Whenever the non-English dialogue is seen as a foreign language, have to compete for the awards only in a foreign language films this area; Golden Horse did not expect even have this regulation, Directed by Tian Zhuangzhuang's "Wu Qingyuan" Tablets 90% in the conversation used to the Japanese, and the eventual abolition of the entry requirements. But a blessing in disguise, the film has been invited to participate in the New York and Rome Film Festival, gain a greater response.

Go about this master Wu Qingyuan life film, the reason why there are contradictions, all because the figures themselves complexity. Chinese-born Wu Qingyuan, almost a lifetime spent in Japan, but also married a Japanese wife twice to the Japanese nationals, The 92-year-old Wu Qing Yuan is still living in Japan, his desires and live simple lives.  Born in 1914 in Fujian Tunqingyuan the age of seven, began in Japan with his father Go, The 11-year-old has been a feature of its extraordinary natural endowments Go, the leading ability to feed the family. 14-year-old-known throughout the country, he went to Japan, the 19-year-old with the cutting-edge players in Japan Mugu co-founded the Go is a new layout, Go sparking a revolution, after Japan and gain considerable fame created a "Tunqingyuan times." Director because admire the legendary passion for the Go constitute no Chunai and without any reservations, and the hope that his story onto the silver screen.

The chess master but also its dedication, the past few decades knows how many Japanese director he knocked on the door to the idea hit him, He has been rebuffed on January 1, the only Zhuangzhuang was his favor. Even so, by? Way since 2002, has Among those twists and turns ultimately still owes seven million yuan for the later stages of production, rare is the tale of human drama cling to the belief that it will overcome the difficulties, also no denying that the right to life Tunqingyuan faith helped him overcome difficulties persist, He also realize that the detachment hardly imagine the spirit.

As for the role of the Tunqingyuan preferred Takeshi Kaneshiro performances, but ultimately failed to succeed and replaced by Zhang Zhen play. The Master Wei Yan Hao, Zhang Zhen visited on three occasions Wu Qingyuan, the Japanese train, a meal without the eclipse 15 pounds, Tunqingyuan to tie it clear  the physique. Zhang Zhen said with a laugh, play chess master of the attitude he can take 90 points, but also under a withdrawal, However mentioned chess and technology were poor to the days.

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