Thursday, May 03, 2007

Xiao Ye Will Take All of Angie Cai's Works

Xiao Ye Will Take All of Angie Cai's Works

Angie Cai, the mother of idol drama, and the manager of CTS, Xiao Ye, have only met twice, but they are very compatible and understand each other very well. Yesterday, Xiao Ye said, “CTS wants all of Angie’s idol dramas, including her “Exchange Love”, “Delicious Relations”, as well as “Tears of Fruit” that she’s doing for tourism. We want it all.”

Xiao Ye expressed, “The tone of Angie’s works matches us very well, so we will take the initiative in getting them. All three upcoming idol dramas are Angie’s.” Angie also stated, “Manager Xiao Ye and I have seen each other very few times, but he is very supportive of me. I feel very moved. Of course, I hope to bring very good works to him.”

She also expressed that her favorite lead actress for idol dramas are Da S, Rainie Yang, and Megan Lai, “especially Da S, because we are very compatible. I really hope that Corner with Love 2 can start filming this year, or else it’s a pity that she only has one show in one year.”

Right now Angie’s biggest problem is that she decide on a lead actress for “Tears of Fruit,” “Da S is a very good candidate, but she would have to act with ZaiZai, and have a couple on the same stage is not very good. Besides, ZaiZai has gotten so skinny lately, so when picking an actress to match him is very hard, need to be very considerate.” Zaizai has recently admitted that his physical state is due to “a good friend who’ve just passed away,” which obviously means it’s because of his ex-girlfriend Hsu Wei Lun passing away unexpectedly.

Credit: & Translated by tymmini of AF

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