Saturday, May 26, 2007

ZHANG GUOLI took a serious illness to fight

ZHANG GUOLI hearsay dismiss it with a smile

With "iron teeth copper teeth Ji Xiaolan" Hong Kong people are familiar with the Mainland actor Guo-Li Zhang, Mainland major websites have quoted yesterday its intersection for nearly 20 years old friends reveal that, aged 53, he Set in recent years due to a multiple roles, not only suffering from uremia, there is a serious stomach illness and migraine, deteriorating physical condition, they finished their day at work, he will be guided by doctors and family members urged that took movie hospitalized.

Means to respond to utter obliviousness

Reportedly April ZHANG GUOLI receive weekly visit to the mainland, himself admitted because of tired, so he had uremia. The disease when he was making "601 telephone calls", the day when the shooting suddenly fainted past grievances, Academic and high fever for three days in a coma for three days, his life is the first time the disease has been so severe. By December last year with him to Nanjing propaganda "new-economy companies", he suddenly collapsed. But the day before he and DENG to Shanghai to promote its television series starring, He disclosed last fainted because Nanjing eat a lot of painkillers, although occasional headache let him hard. But many physicians are not specifically say what the reasons are. He further disclosed to the second half produced two television series, the bosses are paid equal pay for his thick as producer, for the news that he took a movie? He gave a brief response to the word : "speculation! "Disdains much about it.

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