Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hacken Lee singing songs doom remember lyrics

Keqin with Mother chorus, the spotlight

Fund-raising events, "Peoples Care Chest" to be held tonight, the first time the choir with Taiwan Hacken Lee and De-Lan Zhang, Tonight will sing three classic TV songs, and yesterday for rehearsals. For De-Lan Zhang chorus, Keqin candor very innovative, very easy to believe that the spotlight.

De-Lan Zhang afraid or

Turning to the General Assembly will arrange for them to advance to the high-profile concert with rich experience in the arena Keqin, of course not worried De-Lan Zhang said on the contrary, a little bit scared because she was wearing high heels, just when she appeared to count the stairs edge singing, are already very worried about fall. And Keqin not, or on the high-profile, I am afraid of letting off fireworks, remember that the prize presentation ceremony, because no rehearsals beforehand, Therefore, the program suddenly letting off fireworks, so I was really shocked him. Apart from the fear of fireworks, Keqin also scared up on stage and paper broken styrofoam results, both less than control, Sometimes there are intoxicated with the singing scrap of paper or styrofoam flying entrance, I think also find it embarrassing.

Keqin were also remember the lyrics will make every effort, the result of this choral songs are classic dramas, although cats can be seen paper, poster, but sometimes poor lighting in the room it would be impossible, and it may take the wrong poster, there are not reliable, still remember the lyrics on their own would be better.

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