Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Zhuo Wu Xi suspected triangular swim trunks starts

Zhuo Wu Xi do wet body

Zhuo Wu Xi in promotional activities on the water respect Indifferent, more amusingly, to draw together the water buried Jieren. But in the end it is temporary reduction sand and explain Jieren peacetime possibly many mobile phones, afraid of the whole bad for her phone number.

A Scud

Smile Zhuo Wu Xi Why not wear swim trunks Valley triangular drama? He refers to his own foot hair, wearing swim trunks triangular better starts. He also said that by small to large, had never crossed swim trunks to swim wear the shorts. If a more detailed, like one to three hours and there is no need to wear pants can go swim. Asked whether he fears will be wearing swim trunks Jitu and embarrassing? He said : "The big Jitu, the gel is customary Well, I have underwear. "He also said we now prefer to look at trying to wear than Kennedy would not want to see men wearing trousers Triangle, but he also does not want to expose its ugliness. If underwear advertising fills his photos, he accepted? Zhuo Wu Xi said : "The rural farmers, to watch a price scare. (Nearly 10 million? ) Do not force me! Radiofrequency ... plus, in fact, I Wuxiang shoot. 」"

Key pressure front

Chen Jian Feng said with a smile were pushed to Jieren and Masters Championships-water, but in the end he himself is hiding in the side, he was not even charged-off water. On future publicity, to be attended by actors less and less, because each work. Chen Jian Feng said with a smile that he together with Yang Yi wear less, for the show, then "runny Storm" broadcast, he admitted to a certain pressure, Because before the drama performed by the senior class, a group of young people from the show to his and publicity legs missing, He was afraid of an impact. But he believes the show has power and can attract audiences.

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