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10 Shanghai International Film Festival recalled Maggie

Shanghai International Film Festival will be recalled appeared in the film (information Photo)

[Zhang Fan -- Shanghai Shanghai International Film Festival Organizing Committee yesterday formally with the Paris L'Oréal form heavyweight partners from Paris L'Oréal Film Festival for the current international and domestic stars tailor create Makes a Good. Shanghai International Film Festival Organizing Committee also announced that the first batch of identified at the guest list. This film festival will set up special screening unit, recalled Maggie grew up.

The guests Film Festival has been one of the brightest spots of concern. This will soon be on the Shanghai International Film Festival's red carpet is also no lack of well-known famous movie. In addition to producing, Shu Qi, Anthony Wong, Jay Chou, Nick Cheung, Charlene Choi, Zhang Zhen, Liudekai stars such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, who will be. World-class Chinese director John Woo, Gu Chang Wei and Feng Xiaogang, Mr Ng See-yuen, Mr Xue Cheng, Han three-ping, Coppola, Wu Yigong, and other directors will also debut. Mainland film circles will be Yanli, Jiang Wenli, Seong - Wu Jun, Zhang Jing early hui, Huang Xiaoming, Liu Ye, Chen Kun, Gao Yuan Yuan attended.

According to the organizer disclosed that the shooting had been closed "expecting" Troupe also expected on the red carpet appearances. This will be their first since the shooting in public. Director picture will carry protagonist Jay Chou, Kisuke Yamashita and Charlene Choi walked down the red carpet together. Tension is the production of Feng Xiaogang's new "assembly" and produced by John Woo "I haven" Troupe will appear in red pray on. For many fans are concerned about the big Hollywood director Olli-Stone (Oliver Stone), and whether Stephen Chow will attend this year's Film Festival, said the film festival organizing committee has yet to finalize.

International film gathering in Shanghai

Previous Shanghai International Film Festival has invited Sufeima - (Sophie Marceau), Meryl Streep (Meryl Streep) heavyweight stars, and attend the current session of the international stars would equate with the previous few. Has been identified at the bravest "instinct" and a well-known brand of Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone), French actress Mal葛din woman (Marion Cotillard), Polanschi famous director and the love of Sina Ayman little girl (Emmanuelle Seigner). Japan and South Korea also stars a powerful lineup, Japan hall director Yoji Yamada following the "evening Samurai" and "Hidden sword further on the ghost hand", again this year to carry the new "warrior of a breakdown" in the current Shanghai Film Festival. Japanese movie star "Yan Wei Die," and "Yellow Handkerchief of happiness," the actor Momoi smoked, South Korea icons "Wang man" starring LI Zhun, and the "wind Obstetrics and Gynecology" "Women love anchorman" starring gold-Yan and "Prague Lovers" starring Jinzhu He will attend this so the Shanghai International Film Festival .

As China's only international film festival, by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the Shanghai Municipal People's government to host the 10th Shanghai International Film Festival will be held on June 16 to to be held on June 24. At present, some 73 countries and regions, 895 films competed for the awards. compete for the animals, including the prize for a series of awards.

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