Friday, June 01, 2007

Gigi full younger brother Li Ying escape routes, flying taxis

Gigi (2) yesterday, accompanied by friends to visit full younger brother of the Queen Mary Hospital

Whose taxi was rammed down the middle

[Ta Kung Pao] TVB artistes Gigi full younger brother Li Ying yesterday morning in a car accident during Happy Valley. take a taxi to an empty taxi was rammed down the middle, sitting in the back of the infant suspected of UNIFIL has not fasten their seat belts, Remove the door when the crash were thrown out of the car, shake his head injuries unconscious to the spot, and sent to hospital in critical condition after the rescue. Initial investigations of suspected causes for a taxi which failed to give way at junctions, straight ahead from behind causing accidents.

The crash was seriously injured Li Ying (32 years old) as a doctor, in the Causeway Bay skin beauty clinics opened, customers rich and the powerful. Sources said his sister Gigi relations, many patients Television senior human or television.

The accident occurred at about 12:00 a.m. yesterday, Li Ying Lee traveled by ×g (48) driving a taxi. Traffic on Morrison Hill Road to Happy Valley Road to the direction of sports via Sports Road at the junction another from Leighton Road to the direction of Happy Valley near empty taxis, suspected a taxi which failed to place in line for the road to stop it leaving behind two vehicles collided less than lying.

Suspected a car straight out behind trouble

Li infants whose taxi was another middle of a taxi rammed the right side of body, the door was damaged and thrown almost. The victim did not suspect fasten their seat-belts, the two vehicles collided fierce, Li Ying Remove the door from the road dished out, shake his head Meng ground, Suddenly beaten into a coma. Hitting the middle of the injured in the accident after the taxi lost control spade to the roadside railings So destroyed before disposal to stanch castration. Two drivers in the accident were not injured, hurried to call the police, and afterwards passed a breathalyser test.

Accident injuries Gerald infants from the hospital in serious condition after the rescue, in critical condition, was admitted to the intensive care ward, has been unconscious, the situation is not optimistic.

Gigi explore full younger brother twice Hospital

At about noon yesterday, wearing? Caps, was wearing a pink sport, and they were covered with a red cloak of Gigi, in a woman arrived accompanied by full younger brother of the Queen Mary Hospital to visit.

Due to a large number of media rushed to the scene after hearing about the visits waiting Gigi - kai girlfriend by the hospital arranged secret passages from the left. Gigi to the evening wearing the same clothes earlier, again accompanied by two women to the hospital to visit Li Ying, was surrounded by reporters numerous interview. Gigi then keep a smile when asked about his brother's situation, Gigi said, "OK La! "I believe that the situation has improved, hotly pursued by reporters who surrounded the last few minutes scout wards.

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