Saturday, June 16, 2007

1000 letter Sammi Cheng Hua not rejoin embrace Li Jin

Photo : non-Yeung said she would not affect future

Miriam Yeung join "East Asia", and repeated her Sammi Cheng (Sammi) and not, Chuan Sammi more recently tried to 1,000 Hua, intends to leave "East Asia" switch Li companies, 1000 Hua this respect is not credible, she believed that their future will not be affected by other people.

Hua yesterday attended rehearsals 1000, in order to avoid Sammi on her decision to rejoin their nests, Lee Chin news 1000 Hua reaction even the earth, said : "threatened Point ah, but no believe that the matter. Adults business from other people, their future and not affect other people. "Asked whether the 1000 Hua reported not happy? She says : "The speakers Zuo 10 years, the characters are all written in their own media, I will not have happy Well, would not be too rigid. "Rumor has it that Eason Chan intends to transfer" of East Asia, "said Hua 1000 without asking Eason, although they are good friends. She felt among friends, two things can not be asked, is a private matter, is the cause of two, believe that the future of his own to decide.

Will be calling condolences Jie Lin Gu

In addition, speaking about Gu Jie Lin (A Joe) full younger brother committed suicide due to depression, 1000 Hua Gu Jie Lin told the past cooperated two films, more familiar with each other, know each other full younger brother committed suicide the bad news, she was very surprised, she said : "When will the money matter you? Last night, I shoot MV overnight, so the attention. "A 1000 Hua ask whether Joe's brother have depression, and said depression is terrible. She recognizes the A Joe is very optimistic that she will have time to call condolences A Joe.

See 1000 Hua yesterday refuting long hair, she said that in order to prepare the 2,300 in October, and also shoot MV Xinshe cover hope refuting long hair more changes.

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