Saturday, June 16, 2007

A She denied Madezhong not to be and Yumiko Cheng Kung Fu school girls do

Photo : The latest work continues, yesterday they shoot new productions

Ma Dezhong and drama to Shanghai recently to "Fengyun years," publicity, but they reported each other when the other person transparent, A SHE yesterday at TV City beat "tough-talking people mind," When asked about this, she explained : "On that day at the airport with more than 10 people, impossible to talk with everyone, but their memories are greeted with Ma Dezhong, but there is no time to dwell. "

She said that Ma Dezhong said being reported Qipei, because she did not attend the birthday party was a big fuss about the media. More sighs entertainment business reality, not cooperation Paiju they came out as well. A She said Ma Dezhong and has been a friend, because he and his wife to work not only in her birthday party, she reports only when a lighthearted. So next year will tell each other birthday earlier scene? A She said with a smile the next count, or not to start celebrating! And switch firms have done anything written, but would still be better than no mention on when it is propaganda.

Meanwhile, Yumiko Cheng (Yumiko) recently busy making "necessity of love," and For this show will shoot Shake is perseverance, because the cooperative has more than two months with a group of colleagues to establish feelings, Therefore, before making factory King Shake game, although she did not clarify that she has some excuse to buy dessert please everyone to eat. Although Boju hard, but she felt happy, the most rare is not right and wrong, and thus would also like to Paiju. Meanwhile, she also dramatically action dramas love of martial arts, with the intention of learning kung fu teacher and played the sword Perhaps in the future may also make a film put to use.

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