Saturday, June 09, 2007

300,000 ornaments according to create singers HUANG Sheng

Photo : wear more than 300,000 ornaments HUANG Sheng according Enters music

Leo Ku, Side Tian Yu Fei and Wu attended the evening together, "Chow Tai Fook Perfect Moment 2007 Building Building platinum star night "concerts, and the new stars HUANG Sheng is the first time according to the Hong Kong public performances, costume dress Both the value of more than 300,000 yuan earrings, rings, necklaces set even platinum jewelry dress according to the St. next fall, but the heavy necklace, Santa put under the clavicle gasping position looks marvelous pain, according to the St. also talking glibly praising this sponsorship jewelry markets.

Asked another half-drilling

St. candor on weekdays have and put them to buy their own, hard work, we will put them to buy their own incentives, with the highest of several hundred thousand dollars. When asked whether she has received any other gifts of diamond ornaments, she said no, if the future of marriage, She will ask the other half sent to the top end of the diamonds for himself, because she felt that valuable diamonds represent the sacred marriage, pure and timeless. Xinhua according to laugh at St. Jiaganweijianren, she pointed valuable diamonds that big fine distinction, in fact, she pursued this perfect. In addition, according to St. Chuan joining King singers do, she said that he did not know the results, but will soon be announced. Continued to ask her old partners Jue, and the Mainland modeling Chuan scandal, the St. unclear on this.

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