Saturday, June 09, 2007

Yao Yi anyone enough to buy brand-name chaos

Photo : Mikki Yao Yi of the new season, Chanel fashion show, OK

Naomi Yao Yi (Mikki) yesterday, together with nearly 10 Chinese and foreign models. Another series of Chanel lift Flyover. Modeling industry who are high and low seasons, and by the beginning of this week, many brands are increasingly opening quarter, Mikki it has recently frequently appeared. Although regular contact with the beautiful things, but Mikki good as anyone, will not see the like, they buy. After mulling it over before it will decide to buy, or else will certainly bankruptcy, and her personal expenditure is the largest taxi money. It was not considered a car travel.

Decade plates do not know how to drive

Mikki smiled : "I have been driving 10 years, has never driving, Although registration is now worried that they do not know how to drive, so even if a car to fill bell (student). "As her boyfriend Sunny was a car, and each time she has done for the drivers, have a boyfriend, she finally had to ask him whether artificial, but also simply use the car to sell. She said : "I hope to buy an open-top meters white beetle cars, in addition to her boyfriend and himself. also a Dog Dog Seat to two. "

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