Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another official Jade Kwan feet high heels

Photo : home collections than 100 pairs of high heels official Thomas

A shoe store at the opening night activities, many of the artists were present, including Crown feet, Jade Kwan, Lau Yue and general surgery, and so on. Officer Thomas crowds is high heels, she wore high heels, will build more convex and the translucent floating high playfully 1:00; but also tried to wear high heels, "Cai argue" that there are still suffering from the old. She noted that his most expensive one pair of high-heeled shoes worth 6,000 yuan, she has felt your. And the homes of her collection of over 100 pairs of shoes, each shoebox carried by them will be affixed Zhang phase, will be designated with numbers to facilitate the search for stored in computer.

Ouyang Mya big earners Michigan high aspirations

Jade Kwan because it is not too high, so peacetime Another four inches above the high heels, has come across more than 50 right. She said that before the high heels do not know the right people, tried to wear after suffering from lumbar, but also to acupuncture treatment. In addition, Michigan Ouyang Mya recently pregnant a second child, has been four and a half months, she refers to this belly up very quickly, But this last pregnancy good mood. Already had a son, she noted that this is Easy, she actually wanted a woman, hoping to take care of "good" characters. She was referring to big earners have two, very thoughtful another joke. Recently she asked her son what he wants to do when they grow up, he said that he would like to get married, said to be done after Andy Lau and Mr Tsang, She has a son he did not expect such a big vision.

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