Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wah Tsai 30 degrees Bowaijing sweating

Photo : drink cold drinks Wah Tsai, prevent heat stroke

Beijing itself in the original filming of the movie "The three countries see Long Xie Jia" Andy Lau recently returned there yesterday afternoon Star Street, Wanchai, for the film "Brothers" theme song MV shooting have been involved in the film and the performance Miaojiaowei have LIN MV shooting scene. Due to yesterday's hot weather, with the temperature soaring to over 30 degrees, rare costume returning to unload the Wah Tsai, Unexpectedly, like Hong Kong and Beijing heated.

Hand fan frenzy water allocation stopped

Battalion yesterday in a shooting outside a building, because the crew during impede access to the building vehicles, some residents dissatisfied with the report, Finally, two Police officers arrived at the scene to mediate in order to continue shooting. Wah Tsai yesterday wearing a suit, several times in the 30 Celsius under high temperature Bowaijing, he and brother were photographed and Jiadong sweat dripping, every soaked. He said with a smile in the mainland have made the costume film "Three Long Xie Jia view," the day wearing the costume, heat to the same pressure on them. know when to shoot back to the MV fashion, is happily; But he was wearing a suit Bowaijing than Beijing also hot. Therefore, not buried in places, staff stopped work for Wah Tsai Mohan and the allocation of fans, Wah Tsai has been drinking water, prevent heat stroke.

Jiadong commentary Li Fung most important game happy

Jiadong recently busy shooting the film "limbo" and newcomers Fang Hui-wen, there will be market play father and daughter incest opera. However, Jiadong stressed that only kissing, no bed drama. NEWSMAKER recently became the tournament Li Fung, and the original was Jiadong schoolmates, but the same level of different classes. He then said Li Fung tournament this matter is well known and has good playing dance, and later introduced by friends to understand. Lee Sai - Feng scandal, Jiadong think the most important thing is she happy.

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