Monday, June 25, 2007

Chen Min-tert talked about abuse children experience

Photo : tert-chi (second from left) and children Chan (second from right) in parent-child activities to talk about experiences

Chen Min-yi, and Hong Kong and Taiwan Liaoqizhi yesterday attended parent-child activities, talking about parent-child experience the two river, Min-Er Shang refers to himself as a lazy Mummy, she has been very tired, and her father not so good energy, So is most like to sleep with the son in bed playing with a torch in hand drive each aperture torches chase, a rare feeling he likes to play with. She example of this is effort and money to the parent-child activities, but it is only suitable for younger children, grown up, They suspected these activities will be "low-B." Sometimes she will be able to save some things for the children to play zone, so that she would have complained newspaper.

Field hit the motorcycle fond memories

Tert-often with his son to outdoor activities, like playing basketball in Aberdeen, Aberdeen likes to hit the two motorcycles, He once said unhesitatingly River to bring the son of the Tai Po Egret Park hit the motorcycle, then his son constantly remind trip. However, the remote site, and not easy to find, so finding twice before to find them, the original is to go through a deserted house find the cycling track after feeling very happy, the first time to call his mother to go with him to his mother again. Min-Er Shang said with a smile that he is disabled, not so long ago made it clear to, but in order to share the joy with her son, Finally, in "the fight of the short remaining life" with the son to join lumbering motorcycles, the results go home to sleep for three days, although they are very tough, But for them, this is a beautiful memory.

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