Sunday, June 24, 2007

HOU wand then viewed as charity ambassador

Photo : HOU (right) take over the Miss Gigi Leung charitable Ambassador pennant

Miss Gigi Leung (Gigi) for five consecutive years as "Yan Chai Charity Ambassadors" recently promoted to the post of "honorary ambassador Yan Chai." The same kind of entertainment is formally received Grand wand to get charity, but no one imagined that their fans are the same kindness overflowed. donated 13,888 yuan to Yan Chai, as yesterday HOU birthday gift and wish HOU "lifetime fat fat fat." "Yan Chai Charity Ambassadors" handover ceremony "overseas students Yan Chai Night" at yesterday's swearing-in ceremony was held at Olympian City, HOU formal message as "Yan Chai Charity Ambassador." HOU falls birthday was yesterday, the Assembly sent congratulations cake, HOU birthday wish is to serve as ambassadors, More donations can be raised.

HOU and Jay not to make an appeal, but also that the market, led a group of volunteers in the audience to the sale of lottery tickets Both fans are very hard contributions, the final two harvest is pretty good. HOU asked how degrees birthday? He said his wife and daughter have come to Hong Kong to celebrate with him and his daughter yesterday more singing birthday songs and a tin of his talk, people will be at a banquet. However, HOU has refused to disclose the age, only to disclose their two-year-old younger than Tam. Turning fans are enthusiastic contributions HOU that served as ambassador, to do more visits and fund-raising Earlier he and the fans will Yunnan built an "expectation that primary," but he is not the president, but only squad, with the hope that the closer to the students.

The world is too chaotic or to fertility

Miss Gigi Leung ambassador to the five-year, the most profound is to have visited the chop wounds - earners, he feels good-strong Aberdeen. On HOU the successor, Jay feel that the other side is very suitable because people love, itself became a father. However, she refers to herself as well as smiling mother, because help support the more than 10 orphans. She also thought to be a real good mother, seems to be the same margin child, but the world has too messy, too She is such as to the Earth's environment will be a chance that we would consider the issue of motherhood.

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